About Ducatus

Ducatus was born out of a shared passion – the need for change. Established in December 2016, Ducatus began with the birth of our own cryptocurrency: the Ducatus Coin (DUC).


What started as a way to disrupt financial payment transactions has crystallised into an integrated, sustainable framework lending itself to our vision of a cashless economy.

Our mission goes beyond just the creation of digital money: it is to develop a framework that allows a digital economy, to not only flourish and grow, but also provide people with the necessary tools so they can mould their own financial future and create generational wealth.

Ours is a mission of true disruption, advanced and supported by a forward-thinking community who shares our vision and appreciates the endless possibilities borne out of a fully cashless economy.


Leading the Change

Coming from diverse backgrounds, our Management Team’s leadership, unwavering professionalism and commitment, make a difference in the fulfilment of the Ducatus Mission.

Their collective wisdom and experience in the fields of finance, marketing and entrepreneurship steers the company towards achieving a real change, not for a few but for the many. They are our teachers as much as they are our partners in the quest for change.

As a company we need to continuously learn and adapt, always questioning the way we conduct and think about business. We started with a coin and now we are advancing our global vision of a cashless society through a variety of different products and independent business silos.

  • Financial services

  • Crypto exchange digital crowdfunding through tokenisation

  • e-commerce

  • Property

  • Travel

  • And more to come


Team Management





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Relations & Sales

Emperor Group

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Ducatus Merchants

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Ducatus Merchants

Representative - Italy

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